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Scenario for Group News

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by the Group News administrator, content manager, and approver. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.


The top executive at an organization decides that important company news stories should originate in the Top Story section on the company's Home Page and then move to the Feature Articles section on day two and the Archive section on day three.

This business requirement is communicated to the Group News administrator responsible for creating content paths. As part of the content path creation process, the news administrator designates authors and approvers through responsibilities, determines the approver workflow, the set of approvers, and the employee access groups that have visibility rights to the news story.

After the content paths are created, the news administrator defines three stages, one for each of the sections in which a news story associated with this content path is published—Top Story, Feature Articles, and News Archive.

Content Manager

An Alliances Content Manager has been asked to write a news story describing an important new partnership. To publish a news story, the content manager creates the news story record and selects a content path. The author then creates the news story content, previews the content, and submits the story for approval. On the go-live date, the story appears in the Top Story section on the Alliance Microsite and then in the Feature Articles section on the Sales Microsite.


The Vice President of Alliances is the first approver in the Alliances content path selected by the content manager. After the manager submits the news story, the Vice President of Alliances receives it in her inbox. The approver reviews the news story, makes edits as appropriate (edits and comments are automatically cataloged in Version Control) and submits it for the second approver's review. If the second approver approves the story and the go-live date associated with the news article has passed, the story is immediately published and visible to employees.


An employee visits the Sales Microsite. The employee sees only those articles that are approved and for which the employee has been given visibility rights. In the Top Story section, the employee clicks on the link to the full story and reads the latest news about the new partnership.

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