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Adding New View Layouts to the mmlayout.txt File

The mmlayout.txt file is used by Page Designer to schematically represent the layout of the applets in the view (Figure 4). The file contains layout information for each Siebel preconfigured view designed to contain unstructured content.

On a Windows platform, the mmlayout.txt file can be found in SIEBEL_ROOT\siebsrvr\bin. On a UNIX platform, the file can be found in SIEBEL_ROOT/siebsrvr/lib.

If you have created new views in your Siebel application, and you want to use these views for microsite pages, you need to edit the mmlayout.txt file to schematically describe how the applets in your views are laid out.

NOTE:  For information about creating views, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

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