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Mapping of Connector Fields to Business Component Fields

For Siebel business components that support data cleansing or data matching, there are user properties whose values specify the fields that are used in data cleansing and data matching. In each of these user properties there is a mapping between the names of the Siebel fields used in data cleansing or data matching and the corresponding vendor field names. There are preconfigured mappings for the following business components for each connector:

  • Account
  • Business address (data cleansing only)
  • Contact
  • List Mgmt Prospective Contact

For information about the preconfigured field mappings for SSA, see Preconfigured SSA Field Mappings and for Firstlogic, see Preconfigured Field Mappings.

You can configure the field mappings for a business component to include new fields or modify them to map to different fields.

There might also be additional configuration required for particular third-party software. For example, for Firstlogic, you must modify the corresponding dataflow file. For example, for the Account view for real time, the relevant dataflow file for Firstlogic is called transactional_account_datacleanse.xml. Refer to the appropriate third party documentation for information about how to update dataflows.

NOTE:  You must contact the specific vendor for the list of fields they support for data cleansing and data matching and to understand the effect of changing field mappings.

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