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Example of Adding a Field Mapping for Data Matching with the Universal Connector

In addition to the preconfigured fields that are used in data matching, you can configure your SDQ implementation to inspect certain additional fields during data matching, such as a date of birth field for Contacts, or a D-U-N-S number field for Accounts.

The following procedure describes how to add a field mapping.

To add a field mapping for data matching

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand Business Component, and then select the business component of interest:
    • For example, to include a date of birth as a matching criterion, select Contact.
    • For example, to include a D-U-N-S number as a matching criterion, select Account.
  3. In the Object Explorer, select Business Component User Prop.

    TIP:   If the Business Component User Prop object is not visible in the Object Explorer, you can enable it in the Development Tools Options dialog box (View > Options > Object Explorer).

  4. In the Business Component User Properties list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields as in the following example for Firstlogic.
    User Property Name

    Dedup DeDuplication Field n (choose the next available integer for n)

    • For date of birth, enter: "Contact.Birth Date", "Birth Date"
    • For D-U-N-S number, enter: "Account.DUNS Number", "DUNS Number"
  5. (Firstlogic only). Modify the corresponding real-time and batch mode data flows to incorporate the new field so that SDQ considers the new field during data matching comparisons.

    For example, for data matching that considers birth date, the correct data flows to modify are contact_match.xml and contact_incremental_match.xml.

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