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Calculation of Match Scores

After SDQ identifies candidate records, they are sent to the third-party software. which calculates a match score from 0 to 100 to indicate the degree of similarity between the candidate records and the current record.

The match score is calculated using a large number of rules that compensate for how frequently a given name or word appears in a language. The rules then weigh the similarity of each field on the record according to the real-world frequency of the name or word. For example, Smith is a common last name, so a match on a last name of Smith would carry less weight than a match on a last name that is rare.

The algorithms used to calculate match scores are complex. These algorithms are the intellectual property of third party software vendors; Siebel Systems cannot provide details about how these algorithms work.

The way in which match scores are calculated differs for the Matching Server and Universal Connector as described in the following topics.

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