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The SDQ Universal Connector

The Universal Connector is a connector to third-party software that allows the Siebel application to use the capabilities of a third-party application for data matching, data cleansing, or both data matching and data cleansing on account, contact, and prospect data within the Siebel application.

For releases up to, to use the Universal Connector, you must obtain, license, and install third party software in addition to the Siebel SDQ application software.

The data matching and data cleansing capabilities of the Universal Connector are driven by the capabilities and configuration options of the third-party software.

NOTE:  Certain third-party software from data quality vendors are certified by Siebel Systems' Technical Alliances program. For information about third-party solutions, see the Alliances section at For detailed information about products that are certified for the Universal Connector, see the Partners section at

You can configure the Universal Connector to specify which fields are used for data cleansing and data matching and their mapping to external application field names.

The Universal Connector works across various languages and platforms, though the support offered by particular third-party software for data matching or data cleansing might not cover all of the languages supported by Siebel Business Applications.

For more information about:

  • Platforms supported, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.
  • Third-party software, see the relevant documentation included on the Siebel Business Applications Third-Party Bookshelf.
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