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sdq_set_parameter Function

This function is called, after the call to sdq_init_session, to set parameters that are applicable at the session context.

Before making the call to the vendor DLL, the Siebel code reads the parameters and values from the configuration file that is read upon server or remote client startup. Putting parameters here enables customers to set and modify connector and server-instance specific parameters.


int sdq_set_parameter (int session_id, const SSchar* parameterList)




The session ID obtained while initializing the session.


An XML character string that contains the list of parameters and values that are specific to this function call. An example of the XML is as follows:











Return Value

A return value of 0 indicates successful execution. Any other value is a vendor error code.

The error message details from the vendor are obtained by calling the sdq_get_error_message function.

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