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sdq_get_duplicates Function

This function is called to get the master record with the list of its duplicate records along with their match scores. This is done in batch mode. The number of records received per call to this function is set in the BATCH_MATCH_MAX_NUM_OF_RECORDS session parameter before the function is called.


int sdq_get_duplicates (int session_id, char* xmlResultSet)




The session ID obtained by initializing the session.


An XML character string that the vendor DLL populates with a master record and a list of its duplicate records along with their match scores.

If the number of duplicates is more than the value of the parameter BATCH_MATCH_MAX_NUM_OF_RECORDS, the results can be split across multiple function calls with each function call including the master record as well. The XML is in the following format:














Return Value

A return value of 0 indicates successful execution, while a return value of 1 indicates that there are no duplicate records left. Any other value is a vendor error code.

The error message details from the vendor are obtained by calling the sdq_get_error_message function.

NOTE:  Siebel Data Quality code only processes the returned XML character string while the return value is 0. Even if there are fewer records to return than the value of the BATCH_MATCH_MAX_NUM_OF_RECORDS parameter, the vendor driver sends a return value of 0 and then return a value of 1 in the next call.

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