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Batch Data Matching Algorithm

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Load the vendor DLL.
  2. Call sdq_init_connector.
  3. Call sdq_set_global_parameter.
  4. Call sdq_init_session.
  5. Call sdq_set_parameter (RECORD_TYPE - Account/Contact/List Mgmt Prospective Contact, BATCH_DATAFLOW_NAME, BATCH_MATCH_MAX_NUM_OF_RECORDS).
  6. Query the Siebel database to get the candidate records.

    To get the candidate records, a query against the match key is executed. The match key itself is generated when a record is created, or key fields are updated. By default there is only one match key generated, but if needed, multiple keys can be supported as well. For more information about match key generation, see Generating or Refreshing Keys Using Batch Jobs.

  7. Call sdq_set_dedup_candidates. This function is called multiple times to send the list of all the candidate records.
  8. Call sdq_start_dedup to start the data matching process.
  9. Call sdq_getduplicate. This function is called multiple times to get all the master records and their duplicate records and until the function returns -1 indicating that there are no more records.
  10. Call sdq_close_session (int * session_id) while logging out of the current session.
  11. Call sdq_close_connector.
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