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Batch Data Cleansing Algorithm

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Load the vendor DLL.
  2. Call sdq_init_connector.
  3. Call sdq_set_global_parameter.
  4. Call sdq_init_session.
  5. Call sdq_set_parameter (RECORD_TYPE - Account/Contact/List Mgmt Prospective Contact, BATCH_DATAFLOW_NAME).
  6. Query the Siebel database to get the set of records to be cleansed.
  7. Call sdq_datacleanse. This function is called for each record in the result set of the query. It sends the driver record as XML and the output from the function has the cleansed driver record.
  8. After cleansing each record, save the record into the Siebel repository.
  9. Call sdq_close_session while logging out of current session.
  10. Call sdq_close_connector.
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