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Customizing Data Quality Server Component Jobs for Batch Mode

Rather than specifying parameters each time you start a data quality batch job, you can customize the Data Quality Manager server component with the parameters that you require. This is mainly for ease of use when starting tasks using the srvrmgr program.

You use the Administration - Server Configuration views to create customized components based on the Data Quality Manager Server component. You specify Data Quality Manager as the Component Type. Sample customization settings are shown in Table 15 through Table 18. Do not change the original Data Quality Manager component.

For more information about creating custom component definitions, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

You must enable new custom Data Quality Manager components before you can use them. And, if you change parameters of running components, you must shut down and restart the components or restart the Siebel Server for the changes to take effect.

NOTE:  As of version 7.8, you can also set specific parameters for a data quality task and save the configuration as a template by using the Administration - Server Configuration screen > Job Templates view. The benefit in doing so is that there is no need to copy component definitions. For more information about Siebel templates, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

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