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Merging of Duplicate Records

After you run data matching in batch mode, duplicate records are displayed in the Duplicate Accounts, Duplicate Contacts, and Duplicate Prospects views in the Administration - Data Quality screen. You can then determine which records you want to retain and which records you want to merge with the retained record.

You can merge duplicate records in the following ways:

  • Merge Records option (Edit > Merge Records). Performs the standard merge functionality available in Siebel applications for merging records. That is, this action keeps the record you indicate and associates all child records from the nonsurviving record to it before deleting the nonsurviving record. For more information about the Merge Records menu option, see Fundamentals on the Siebel Bookshelf.
  • Merge button (from appropriate Duplicate Resolution View). Performs a sequenced merge of the records selected in the sequence specified. This includes populating currently empty fields in the surviving record with values from the nonsurviving records, as described in Sequenced Merges. This action also performs a cleanup in the appropriate Deduplication Results table to remove the unnecessary duplicate records. This is the preferred method for deduplicating account, contact, and prospect records.

CAUTION:  Merging records is an irreversible operation. You must review all records carefully before using the following procedure and initiating a merge.

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