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Process of Merging Duplicate Records

When you run a batch process, and depending on the number of duplicates in your system, you might find there are hundreds of rows in the Duplicate Accounts, Duplicate Contacts, and Duplicate Prospect views (in the Administration - Data Quality screen). In this case, it is recommended that you use the following process to filter and merge duplicate records:

  1. Filtering Duplicate Records

    You creating a query to find a subset of the duplicate records and then review the query results. For example, you might want to create a query that includes a subset of all duplicate records where the Name field starts with the letter A.

  2. Merging Duplicate Records

    After the query results appear, you merge duplicate records using either the Merge button or the Merge Records option.

CAUTION:  You must perform batch data matching first before trying to resolve duplicate records. For more information about batch data matching, see Batch Data Cleansing and Data Matching.

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