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Creating Business Services

A Siebel application provides a number of prebuilt business services to assist you with your integration tasks. These services are based on specialized classes and are called Specialized Business Services. Many of these are used internally to manage a variety of tasks.

CAUTION:  As with other specialized code such as Business Components, use only the specialized services that are documented in Siebel documentation. The use of undocumented services is not supported and can lead to undesired and unpredictable results.

In addition to the prebuilt business services, you can build your own business service and its functionality in two different ways to suit your business requirements:

  • In Siebel Tools. Created at design time in Siebel Tools using Siebel VB or Siebel eScript. Design-time business services are stored in the Siebel repository (.SRF), so you have to compile the repository before testing them. When your test is completed, compile and disseminate the SRF to your clients. The business services stored in the repository automatically come over to the new repository during the upgrade process. General business services are based on the class CSSService. However, for the purposes of Siebel EAI, you base your data transformation business services on the CSSEAIDTEScriptService class. For information, see Creating Business Services in Siebel Tools.
  • In Siebel Client. Created at run time in the Siebel Client using the Business Service Administration screens. Run-time business services are stored in the Siebel Database, so they can be tested right away. The run-time business services have to be manually moved over after an upgrade process. For information, see Creating a Business Service in the Siebel Client.

NOTE:  To use the DTE scripts, write your business service in Siebel eScript; otherwise, you can write them in Siebel VB.

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