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Generating Integration Object Schemas

At certain points in your integration project, you may want to generate schemas from an integration object. If you export Siebel integration objects as XML to other applications, you may need to publish the schemas of such objects so that other applications can learn about the structure of the XML to expect.

To generate an integration object schema

  1. In Siebel Tools, click on an integration object to make it the active object.
  2. Click Generate Schema to access the Generate XML Schema wizard.
  3. Choose the EAI XML DTD Generator business service to use as an example.

    The other choices are the EAI XML XDR and the EAI XML XSD Generators.

  4. Choose an envelope type to use in generated DTD.
  5. Choose a location where you want to save the resulting DTD file and click Finish. The wizard generates a DTD of the integration object you selected. Use this DTD to help you map external data directly to the integration object. The DTD serves as the definition for the XML elements you can create using an external application or XML editing tool.
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