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Business Component Restrictions for Integration Components

The business components underlying the Integration Components may have certain restrictions. For example, only an administrator can modify the Internal Product. The same restrictions apply during integration. In many cases, the Siebel Integration Object Builder wizard detects the restrictions, and sets properties such as No Insert or No Update on the integration components.

System Fields

Integration object fields marked as System are not exported during a query operation. This setting prevents the EAI Siebel Adapter from treating the field as a data field, which means for the Query and QueryPage method the EAI Siebel Adapter do not write to the field. For the Synchronize and Update method, the field will not be directly set in the business component unless the ISPrimaryMVG is set to Y.

If you want to include System fields in the exported message, change the Integration Component field type to Data.

NOTE:  System fields are read-only. If you attempt to send a message with the value set for a System field, the setting will be ignored and a warning message will be logged.

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