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About Operation Controls for Integration Components

Each integration component has user properties that indicate if an Insert, Update, or Delete can be performed on the corresponding business component, indicated by a NoInsert, NoUpdate, or NoDelete. A similar user property NoUpdate may be set on an integration component field. If any of these user properties are set to Y, the corresponding business component method is used to validate the operation.

The user properties NoQuery and NoSynchronize are defined on integration components to specify to the EAI Siebel Adapter if a corresponding operation is to be performed on an instance of that type. These properties take values Y or N.

The user property AdminMode set to Y indicates that the update of the corresponding business component is to be performed in admin mode. You can define this property in either the integration object or integration component definitions.

The user properties IgnorePermissionErrorsOnUpdate, IgnorePermissionErrorsOnInsert, and IgnorePermissionErrorsOnDelete can be used to suppress the errors that arise from having the NoUpdate, NoInsert, and NoDelete user properties set to Y. The error is ignored and processing continues when properties IgnorePermissionErrorsOnUpdate, IgnorePermissionErrorsOnInsert and IgnorePermissionErrorsOnDelete are set to Y.

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