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Generating a WSDL File

The WSDL file specifies the interface to the inbound Web Service. This file is used by Web Service clients to support creation of code to invoke the Siebel Web Service.

When you have created a new Inbound Web Service record you can generate a WSDL document, as described in the following procedure.

To generate a WSDL file

  1. In the Inbound Web Services view, choose the inbound Web Services you want to publish and click Generate WSDL.

    A WSDL file is generated that describes the Web Service.

  2. Save the generated file.
  3. Import the WSDL to the external system using one of the following utilities:
    • In VisualStudio.Net, use the wsdl.exe utility, for example, wsdl.exe /l:CS mywsdlfile.wsdl.
    • In Apache's AXIS, use the wsdl2java utility, for example, java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java mywsdlfile.wsdl.
    • In IBM's WSADIE, depending on the version, add the WSDL file to the Services perspective and run the Create Service Proxy wizard.

      NOTE:  These utilities only generate proxy classes. Developers are responsible for writing code that uses the proxy classes.

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