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Setting Up Templates for the Auto Document Feature of Siebel Energy

Administrators must set up agreement templates for the Auto Document feature to work properly.

To set up a template for the Auto Document feature

  1. Navigate to Administration - Document > Proposal Field Mapping.
  2. In the Business Objects list, add a record for the mapping information.
  3. In the Business Object field, select Service Agreement.
  4. Complete the necessary fields, and click Save.
  5. In the link bar, click Proposal Templates.
  6. In the Templates list, add a record and complete the necessary fields:
    1. In the Mapping Name field, select the name you just created.
    2. In the Default field, select the check box if you want to make this template the default one.

      NOTE:  You must designate one agreement template as the default for the Auto Document feature to work.

    3. In the Category field, select Agreement.
    4. In the Template File Name, select the template file to use.

To verify the template appears as an agreement template

  1. Navigate to Agreements > Documents.
  2. In the Documents list, add a record.
  3. In the Template drop-down list, verify that the template appears as an option.
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