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Viewing Unbilled Charges in Siebel Energy (End User)

End users can view unbilled charges for an account. The total of all unbilled charges appears in the Billing Portal view, but for a breakdown of the charges, end users can follow this procedure.

NOTE:  End users can also begin this procedure from the Billing Portal view. For information, see Table 15.

To view unbilled charges

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen.
  2. In the Accounts list, click the name of an account.
  3. Click the Unbilled Charges view tab.

    The Unbilled Charges view displays the charges incurred since the last invoice.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Next Invoice Date

    Date the next statement will be generated.

    NonRecurrng Charge

    Current period's nonrecurring charges.

    Recurring Charges

    Current period's recurring charges.


    Current period's taxes and surcharges.

    Total Charges

    Displays the total unbilled charges for the current period. Recurring charges+Nonrecurring Charges+Taxes and Surcharges=Total Charges.

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