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Reviewing and Adding a Credit Alert in Siebel Energy (End User)

The All Credit Alerts view displays all credit alerts in the system. The My Credit Alerts view displays only the credit alerts that are assigned specifically to an end user. These views are identical except for the ownership. The policies for assignment of credit alerts are determined by their company.

End users can use the All Credit Alerts view or the My Credit Alerts view to see external credit alerts, which originate from your company's external credit management system. They can limit the list by selecting a predefined query. Siebel Energy includes the queries All, Closed, Open and Unassigned Alerts.

End users can also use these views to create internal credit alerts for preemptive measures; these alerts can record situations such as the likelihood of a delayed customer payment. If they have permission to do so, end users can create a credit alert and a corresponding payment arrangement plan record.

On being contacted by a service provider regarding a credit problem, a customer may want you to query the billing account. The customer may, for example, believe that he has been incorrectly billed. End users may, therefore, need to refer to the customer billing data to deal with the customer contact. For more information, see Billing in Siebel Energy.

To create an internal credit alert

  1. Navigate to the Credit Management screen.
  2. In the Credit Alerts list, add a record and complete the necessary fields in the record and the More Info form. To access more fields, click the show more button in the upper right corner of the form.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Account name associated with the credit alert.

    Account #

    Account number associated with the credit alert.

    Action Type

    Type of action to be performed in relation to a credit alert. The Action Type may generate or require one or more activities.


    Agreement associated with the credit alert.

    Alert #

    Unique identifier for the credit alert, which may or may not be generated within Siebel Energy. Automatically populated when a new record is added.

    Amount Owed

    Amount owed by the customer.

    Created On

    Date and timestamp showing when the credit alert was generated within Siebel Energy.

    Invoice #

    Invoice number associated with the credit alert.


    Person to whom the credit alert is assigned.


    Priority of the action to be taken in response to the credit alert.


    Indicates if the alert was generated externally by a credit management system or internally by a CSR. Automatically populated.


    Status of the credit alert.

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