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Process of Creating Account Adjustments or Payment Plans in Siebel Energy (End User)

A customer may have been incorrectly billed for a service and therefore may not have made a payment. In that case, end users need to make an adjustment to the customer's billing account. Typically, they associate an account adjustment with a credit alert because it may solve a customer credit issue. The actual account adjustment is made in a third-party billing or accounts receivable system. However, Siebel Energy provides the ability to request an adjustment and to receive information about the outcome.

Another customer might be facing financial difficulties and is unable to meet his obligations to pay for services. Such a customer might request a payment arrangement plan with installments or a deferral of payment. In response, your company can approve the request, reject the request, or propose its own terms. The response may depend on factors such as corporate policy, customer credit history or credit-worthiness, and length of the customer's association with your company. A payment arrangement plan is associated with a credit alert because it may resolve a customer credit issue.

The customer request is sent to the back-office credit management system for approval. The customer request can be approved in full, rejected entirely, or modified with new terms. The credit management system then sends the outcome back to Siebel Energy.

NOTE:  You can request either an installment plan or a payment deferral. For a deferral request, specify one installment to be paid at a future date.

To create account adjustments and payment plans, perform the following tasks:

  1. Submitting Requests for Account Adjustments or Payment Plans (End User)
  2. Viewing Account Adjustment or Payment Plan Request Outcomes (End User)
  3. Recording Customer Decisions About Account Adjustments or Payment Plans (End User)
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