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Terminology for Integration Workflows in Siebel Energy

This section describes some terms used in this chapter in the context of workflow processes.

Siebel eAI. Siebel eBusiness Application Integration is a set of tools, technologies, and prebuilt functional integrations that facilitate application integration. It supports message-based integration with external applications. Using the eAI module, a service provider can connect Siebel Energy directly to another application within the operational support system architecture or connect to a hub or queue. This process allows middleware vendors to build their own Siebel-to-third-party connectors.

NOTE:  Integration with specific back-office systems or middleware packages is performed by your company. Siebel eBusiness Applications offers prebuilt connectors to some back-office applications.

Integration Objects. Integration objects define the content of the messages that are initiated or received by Siebel Energy. They are based on business objects. The repository stores both integration objects and the mapping between business objects and integration objects.

Business Services. Business services act upon objects to move data, convert data formats, and perform calculations. The Siebel Energy repository contains some business services that specifically help with integration tasks. You can also build your own in Siebel Tools (at design time) or in the Siebel Web client (at run time).

Workflow Processes. Workflow processes are sequences of steps that are used by Business Process Administration to automate a business function. Workflow process steps call business services that perform the procedures needed to perform a business process.

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