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About Oil Well Management

Oil field service companies provide services for oil and gas companies at the well site.

The Siebel Well Management module allows oil field service companies to do the following:

  • Oil field service administrators can enter and manage information about customer leases, wells, and equipment.
  • Dispatchers can initiate new jobs and can schedule, and dispatch field workers to perform those jobs.
  • Field workers who are performing jobs can track their schedules and equipment and generate invoices.
  • Salespeople can use the information about customers leases, wells, and equipment to develop new jobs and to retain customers.

This chapter covers only the setup tasks that are specific to Siebel's Well Management module. In addition, you must perform the following tasks that are common to many Siebel applications:

  • Set up accounts and employees. You must enter information about your customer accounts and the contacts at those accounts. You must also enter information about your employees and give your employees access to the Siebel application. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.
  • Set up partners. If your field service employees work with field service employees of partner companies, you must set up the partner portal and give the partner company access to it. For more information, see Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide and Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications.
  • Set up activities. You must create activities and activity templates (lists of multiple activities) that represent the actions that field service personnel perform during jobs. When the dispatcher creates a new job, the dispatcher assigns these activities to the field service personnel. For more information about setting up activities, see the section about field service activities in Siebel Field Service Guide.

Many tasks for oil well management are the same as tasks for other types of field service. These tasks are covered in Siebel Field Service Guide.

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