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Creating a Quote for an Opportunity in Siebel Energy (End User)

End users can create a quote for an opportunity, view all quotes for an opportunity, or update an opportunity with product information taken from the Quotes view.

For the updating opportunity feature to work, certain conditions must be met:

  • In the Product Administration view, the number of occurrences must be > 0 for the product.

    For more information, see Product Administration Guide.

  • In the Price List list in the Quotes screen, all products end users can associate with the opportunity or quote must be defined as Price List line items.
  • In the Line Items view of the Quotes screen, the Extended Price of the quote line item must be > 0.
  • In the Quotes list in the Opportunities screen, the Price List must be selected (see To associate a product with an opportunity).

If these conditions are not met, Siebel Energy cannot generate revenue line items for the Opportunity. The revenue will not be accurate until a quote is configured and the opportunity is updated from it.

To create a quote for an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen.
  2. In the Opportunity list, click the name of an opportunity.
  3. Click the Quotes view tab.
  4. In the Quotes list, click Auto Quote.

    A new quote is created with default values in some fields.

  5. In the Price List field, select a price list.
  6. Complete the necessary fields for the new quote.
  7. In the Quotes list, drill down on the Name hyperlink.

    The Quote form appears with the Line Items view beneath it.

  8. In the Line Items list, add a record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Extended Price

    Calculated by multiplying the net price by the quantity.

    MRC Subtotal

    Monthly recurring charge.

    NRC Subtotal

    Nonrecurring charge.


    Unit of Measure depends on price type. For a one-time fee, value is for each unit. For recurring fees, value indicates time period, such as per month or per quarter.

  9. To modify line item details:
    1. Scroll down and click the Line Item Detail subview tab.

      NOTE:  Administrators specify much of the product information through the Product Administration screen. When the products are added to the quote as line items, default product information is populated for some line item fields.

    2. To adjust a discount, edit the Disc %, Disc Amount, and Disc Price fields in the Line Item Detail form.

      NOTE:  For further information about line item details, see Siebel Order Management Guide Addendum for Industry Applications.

  10. In the Quote form, click the Update Opportunity button.

    This adds revenue line items to the opportunity for every one-time or recurring charge for every product.

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