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Viewing Usage History in Siebel Energy (End User)

Service usage is recorded at meters and accumulated for usage history and billing purposes at the service point level. End users can view usage history for a service point associated with a premise. This is useful for resolving billing inquiries from customers who have recently moved into the premise. Usage history is displayed as data in lists and charts. End users can view usage history through either the Premises screen or the Accounts screen. For instructions for viewing usage history through the Accounts screen, see Accounts in Siebel Energy.

NOTE:  Usage data may reside in an external data repository and be viewed in Siebel Energy if that type of integration has been set up.

To view usage history for a service point

  1. Navigate to the Premises screen.
  2. In the Premises list, click the name of a premise.
  3. Click the Service Points view tab.
  4. In the Service Points list, drill down on the Service Point hyperlink.
  5. In the Service Point Services list, select a record.
  6. In the Usage History list, select the information you want to view from the drop-down list.
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