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Additional End-User Tasks for Trouble Ticket Management in Siebel Energy

For descriptions of other procedures related to trouble tickets, see the Siebel Bookshelf.

Customer Verification

When a customer telephones a call or service center, end users must verify if the person is an existing or new customer. To verify a customer, end users navigate to the Accounts or Contacts screen and perform a query on a form of information about the customer, such as last name, Social Security number, and so on. If the customer exists in the system, end users can review which requests have already been entered for this customer. If the customer does not already exist in the system, end users can add the customer. For more information about accounts and contacts, see Accounts in Siebel Energy and Contacts in Siebel Energy.

Entitlement Verification

When creating a trouble ticket, verify the type of service agreement and entitlements connected with it. For more information about service agreements and entitlements see Agreements and Entitlements in Siebel Energy.

Communication with Field Service Agents

End users may need to contact a field service agent. Siebel Energy allows you to send messages about trouble tickets in several ways, including sending a text message to a pager. For more information, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

Trouble Tickets and Attachments

At any time, end users can store additional information relating to a trouble ticket in the database by associating an electronic file with the trouble ticket record. For directions for associating an attachment with a record, see Fundamentals.

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