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Creating Tracks

A track in Siebel Events Management is a featured topic or theme at an event. For example, a biotech investment conference may establish three tracks: Genomics, Computers, and Pharmaceutical.

After tracks are created, they can be associated to events and sessions. For example, using the biotech example, you could relate several sessions on using computers in biotech with the computers track. As a result, attendees who are interested in this subject can select from a subset of sessions that are related to the subject.

The following procedure describes how to add an event track. For information on relating a track to events and sessions, see Preparing for an Event.

To add an event track

  1. Navigate to the Site Map > Events > Tracks view.
  2. In the Tracks list, create a new record, and enter a status for the track.

    Some status values are In Planning, Scheduled, Launched, Completed, and Cancelled.

    NOTE:  These status values are for descriptive purposes only and do not limit registration to associated sessions.

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