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Correspondence Integration

Siebel Correspondence allows users to generate template-based correspondence to a group of contacts. You can leverage this functionality from within Siebel Events to send any type of correspondence to event attendees, for example, a registration package before the event or session or follow-up literature.

You can only send correspondence to attendees. You cannot send correspondence to prospects.

For information on setting up and administering Correspondence templates, see the Siebel Correspondence, Proposals, and Presentations Guide.

To send correspondence to attendees

  1. Navigate to the appropriate view:
    • For an event, navigate to the Site Map > Events > Event > Attendees view.
    • For a session, navigate to the Site Map > Events > Sessions > Attendees view.
  2. In the Participants list, select one or more attendees.
  3. From the File menu, choose Send Letter.
  4. In the Correspondence list, select an enclosure to send.
  5. Click Submit.
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