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About Managing Call Reports

Call reports are records of meetings and other conversations with clients, organizations, and individuals. Call reports are often required of employees because they:

  • Are a means for new relationship managers to learn about the client and its history with the organization.
  • Allow senior managers and product specialists associated with a certain client to keep up with the developments in the client relationship, even if they do not meet with the client on a regular basis.
  • Provide a record of important and informal agreements. In the event that a failed financing transaction results in legal proceedings, these reports are an important component of the legal process.

Administrators use these procedures to view a chart of call reports and manage call report templates. End users use the Call Reports screen to add a new call report, create a call report distribution list, designate a report as private, and email or print call reports.

Siebel Finance can provide notification of new call reports to designated individuals. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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