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Associating Facilities with Financial Accounts

After a facility is approved, administrators can use Siebel Finance to create a facility in the Financial Account screen. After the financial account for the approved facility is created, the administrator must also associate the new financial account with the approved facility. This makes certain that the next time a user chooses the approved facility, the loan information is automatically populated from the financial account screen. The administrator can also set the status of the facility in this view. If the facility is closed, the administrator must change the status to Closed so that the facility is not available for end users to select.

To associate a facility with a financial account

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Finance screen > Commercial Loan view.
  2. Click the Facility Financial Account Administration view tab.
  3. In the Financial Account/Facility Association list, select the status for the facility in the Status field.

    NOTE:  If the financial account does not exist, add it. For more information about adding a financial account, see Managing Financial Accounts.

  4. In the Account Number field, select the financial account number to associate with the facility.
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