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Setting Up Facilities (End User)

The Facility Set Up view allows end users to associate the borrowers of a commercial loan request with a corresponding facility. When end users create new records in the loan facility list, an Association dialog box displays all facilities under the company group name. The user can select an existing facility for a facility that is renewed or create a new one for a new facility.

To share one facility between two companies

  1. Highlight the first company and create a new facility.
  2. Highlight the second company and associate the same facility with this second company.

To create a new facility and associate a borrower

  1. Navigate to the Commercial Loan screen.
  2. In the Request list, drill down on a commercial loan request.
  3. Click the Facility Set Up view tab.
  4. In the Borrower list, select a borrower.
  5. To create a new facility for the borrower, scroll down to the Loan Facility list, add a record, and complete the necessary fields.

NOTE:  When an existing facility is selected, some fields in the Facility Set Up views are automatically populated using information in the Financial Account screen. Additionally, when you select an existing facility, all other information related to this facility, such as prices, fees, and covenants, is copied over to the new request.

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