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Adding Covenants to Facilities (End User)

Using the Covenants view, end users can associate facilities with covenants. For example, an organization may require a borrower to submit a financial statement every quarter. This type of requirement can be created and managed in the Covenants view.

To add a covenant to a facility

  1. Navigate to the Commercial Loan screen.
  2. In the Request list, drill down on a commercial loan request.
  3. Click the Covenants view tab.
  4. In the Borrower list, select a borrower.
  5. In the Loan Facility list, select a facility for the borrower.
  6. In the Covenants list or Covenant Detail form, add a record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Covenants Type

    Select Coverage or Leverage.


    The current value of the covenant.


    The proposed value for the client to comply with the covenant.


    Brief description of the covenant.


    Measurement used to define the covenant, such as month or year.


    Operand used to define the covenant conditions. For example, <, >, =.

To copy existing covenants from one facility to another

  1. Select the facility that has the covenants to be copied.
  2. In the Covenants list, click Apply To Facility.
  3. In the Pick Loan Facility dialog box, select the facility to which the covenants are to be added, and click OK.
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