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About Managing Commercial Loans

This chapter presents the procedures necessary to create, maintain, and process a commercial loan request in Siebel Finance. The commercial loan request process involves navigating through a series of screens used to capture client and facility information. Loan officers, credit committee team officers, and administrators are the primary users.

Use these procedures to perform the administrator tasks of defining assessment templates, activities plans, documents templates, commercial loan approval stages, the contacts required to approve a commercial loan, portfolio types for a commercial loan, and underwriting standards.

End users are commercial loan and credit committee officers. Commercial loan officers will use the procedures in this chapter to:

  • Create new commercial loan requests
  • Create additional borrowers for a loan
  • Create a facility
  • Associate facilities with borrowers
  • Create bank syndication for a facility
  • Set the pricing and fees for a facility
  • Capture the guarantors for a facility
  • Create covenants for a facility
  • Copy covenants to a facility
  • Set up collateral for a facility
  • Create and review policy exceptions for borrowers and facilities
  • Review group lending exposure
  • Review underwriting standards
  • Submit a loan request to a credit committee

Credit committee officers will use the procedures in this chapter to:

  • Check and review the data in a loan request
  • Make decisions on a loan request
  • Assign a loan request to the next person on the credit committee
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