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Creating Financial Plans (End User)

End users can use the Financial Planning view to ask customers questions about their specific financial goals and recommend a required monthly savings amount.

To create a financial plan

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen > Contacts List view.
  2. In the Contacts list, drill down on the desired contact.
  3. Click the Financial Planning view tab.
  4. In the Financial Planning list, add a record and complete the necessary fields.
  5. To follow a script of questions:
    1. Scroll down to the Details form and click Script.
    2. In the SmartScript list, drill down on the Name link.

      NOTE:  If the script does not exist, add it. For more information about scripts, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.

    3. Complete the questions as prompted.

      The Savings (Future Value), Additional Funds Required, and Monthly Saving Required are automatically calculated based on the values entered in the Financial Planning list.

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