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Defining the Command Center Actions

After you define the business object, you define actions for each object. These actions indicate for each object a combination of possible attribute values what action is taken (launch a business service or workflow). The relationship is one-to-many.

This task is part of Process of Configuring the Command Center Action Form.

To define actions for the Command Center applet

  1. Navigate to Administration - Command Center screen > Defined Objects view, and select the Object Definition for which you wish to define actions.
  2. Scroll down to the Action Definition list, create actions and complete the fields as described in the following table.

    Attribute 1 Required

    Check box.

    Indicates whether or not an entry in the Driving Field (Attribute 1) is required for the Command Center to return results.

    Attribute 1 Map

    Free text.

    Works in concert with the Expression field of the Object Definition to determine the contents of the Command Center dropdown menus.

    Attribute 2-4

    Free text.

    Value lists for Attributes 2-4.


    Free text. Each entry must be unique, that is, you cannot use the same command for different actions.

    The command line equivalent for the action.

    These commands are restricted to the Business Object with which they are associated.

    See also Creating Global Commands for the Command Line Applet.

    Command Help Text

    Free text.

    The Help text for the command help feature when a question mark (?) is entered using the command line.

    This field is reserved for future use. You can expose it in some manner, should you choose, using a custom configuration.

    Business Service

    Free text.

    EX: FINS Goto View Service

    The name of the Business Service to be run.

    Business Service Context

    Free text.

    The parameters for the Business service.

    Business Service Method

    Free text.

    The method for the selected Business service.

    Public Flag

    Check box.

    If checked (true), then any roles selected for the action do not apply.

    If unchecked (false), then any roles selected do apply and visibility to actions will be limited by the selected roles.


    Check box.

    This hides the defined action and attribute combination.

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