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About Managing Households

A household is a group of contacts generally sharing a common link or association. Households provide valuable segmentation information on the household as a whole, as well as a summary of information about the household member contacts. Users can use the Households screen for identifying and capturing demographic information about a household. They can also use the Households screen to review customer's financial accounts, products, and contact information associated with that household. This information allows them to assess customers' data.

CAUTION:  This chapter assumes you have renamed Siebel Account objects to Companies. By default, Siebel Finance installs using the term Accounts. For more information on renaming Siebel Account objects, see the Upgrade Guide for your operating system.

Grouping all of a customer's accounts by household allows a service provider to identify a client's real value to the organization and seek opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell additional products and services to them, such as homeowners insurance and loans for children's education. In addition, the ability to view all of a customer's financial accounts and related portfolio information by household allows an organization to view the household's overall financial position.

By following the procedures described in this chapter, users can enter, manage, and review information about household members (contacts), accounts, policies, underwriting reports, claims, opportunities, activities, service requests, and relationship hierarchies.

NOTE:  Many of the views are read-only, as they provide a summary of information about household contacts. The only editable views are Contacts and Relationship Hierarchy.

The Households screen and associated views that appear in Siebel Finance share much of the functionality found in Siebel Business Applications. This chapter focuses on the household functionality that is unique to Siebel Finance. For more information on basic household functionality, see Applications Administration Guide.

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