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Scenarios for Managing Financial Needs Analysis

These scenarios feature sample tasks performed by a financial institution's applications administrator, a call center agent, and a relationship manager. Your organization may follow different workflows according to its business requirements.

The Needs Analysis views within Siebel Finance allow financial institutions to capture customer requirements in a needs-based selling process for multiple products including checking, convenience, investment, credit, mortgage, savings, and retirement products. The views specifically support both the individual customer as well as the business customer.

Application Administrator Creates a New Needs Analysis Script

An applications administrator is given the business requirements to create a new needs analysis script. The administrator supports the requirements by defining the product scores for each needs analysis question. The product scores are used to calculate and define the product recommendations. The administrator also sets up the optimal portfolio mix and investment objectives for the Investment Needs Analysis view.

Agent Uses Needs Analysis Script to Determine Product Requirements

A call center sales agent receives a call from a prospective new customer who is interested in opening a checking account. The agent uses the Siebel Finance Needs Analysis script to walk the customer through a series of questions to gather her product requirements, and to record the answers used to calculate the best financial products for her. The agent provides the customer with key information about the recommended checking accounts with the highest scores. The call center agent tells the customer that she can apply for more than one product if she chooses; however, the customer decides to go with the first product on the list, and the sales agent begins the application process using the Auto Application feature.

Relationship Manager Uses Investments Needs Analysis Script

A relationship manager receives a call from a customer who has an investment account with the financial institution. The customer is interested in finding out about a general investment strategy. The relationship manager uses the Investments Needs Analysis script to walk the customer through a series of portfolio interest, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and profile information questions to recommend a model portfolio of assets and fund types.

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