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About Deal Management Capability

In addition, Siebel Finance includes deal management capabilities through extensions to the basic opportunity management functionality. Using deal management, end users can manage and track deal information throughout the deal life cycle. Specifically, users can track the following types of information:

  • Deal type
  • Industry
  • Product line
  • Related activities
  • Related attachments
  • External deal contacts
  • Closure information
  • Related products
  • Status information

Users can control access to deals and deal details by adding and deleting people to the deal team. Users can further narrow deal visibility and any associated activities and attachments by enabling the Secure flag. The combination of these restrictive visibility features provides basic security functionality.

End users use the Opportunities screens to add an opportunity, create an opportunity from an application, and review opportunity details. From a deal management perspective, end users can create new deals, manage deal team members, secure deals, change the primary deal team member, create deal activity plans, create new deal activities and associate team members, and add attachments to deals.

This chapter describes opportunity functionality that is unique to Siebel Finance. For more information on basic opportunity functionality, see Applications Administration Guide.

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