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Adding Access Exceptions

End users can add access exceptions for literature using the Access Exceptions screen.

To add an access exception

  1. Navigate to the Access Exceptions screen > Access Exceptions list view.
  2. In the Access Exceptions list, add a record, and complete the fields that correspond to the type of access exception you want to record.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Access Exception Type

    Types include List and Literature.

    Contact Name

    The contact name for which the exception was made.

    Employee Name

    The employee who created the exception.


    The investor for which the exception was made.

    List Name

    The list for which the exception was made.

    Literature Name

    The literature item for which the exception was made.

    NOTE:  If your Siebel administrator has set up a workflow, data automatically appears in the appropriate fields.

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