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Scenarios for Managing Financial Accounts

These scenarios feature sample tasks performed by a financial institution's relationship managers and call center agents. Your organization may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

In these scenarios, the Siebel administrator is responsible for administering Siebel Finance and requires administrative responsibilities to:

  • Add a financial account or a new authorized user to a financial account
  • Associate holdings information with a contact's financial account

The end users are the call center agents and relationship managers who answer customer calls. They enter information and create service requests:

  • Review financial account information
  • Create service requests using the Go button or place a trade
  • Create a call list based on account holdings/balances
  • Generate account reports
  • Place a trade

Call Center Agent Provides Account Information to Customer

An agent receives a call from a customer with both brokerage and banking accounts at the financial institution. The customer first wants to know the current balance on her checking account. After identifying and authenticating the customer, the call center agent views each of the customer's accounts and locates the customer's checking account. The call center agent reads the current balance to the customer, who then wants to know whether a recent deposit has been posted to her account. The call center agent confirms that the deposit was posted yesterday. Finally, the caller wants to know the exact time and purchase price of two recent transactions in her brokerage account. Using Financial Accounts, the call center agent locates the trades and provides the time and value of the transactions to the customer.

Relationship Manager Resolves Customer Service Charge Inquiry

A corporate relationship manager receives a call from a contact at one of the companies she handles. The contact wants more details about a service charge that appeared on her company's last financial statement. After authenticating the contact, the relationship manager determines the type of authority that the contact has over the account. The relationship manager sees that this contact can sign a check, send a wire transfer, or request a loan advance. The relationship manager also sees that the company the caller works for has significant deposit balances with the firm. After locating the service charge the customer is calling about, the relationship manager is able to reverse the charge based on the overall value the caller's company contributes to the financial institution.

Wealth Management/Brokerage Relationship Manager Creates Call List

A wealth manager reviews the morning research and news and relates it to client account balances and holdings information. After reviewing his clients' portfolio and account balances, the wealth manager creates a list of clients to call that may be interested in a particular security discussed in that morning's research. After contacting the client, the wealth manager sends the client a copy of a news and research article. After receiving the customer's consent, he conducts a trade. While on the phone, the wealth manager schedules a portfolio review meeting, and in preparation for the meeting, produces account summary/portfolio reports.

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