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Providing Literature Fulfillment by Email

End users can distribute literature directly to activity participants or contacts. For example, emailing meeting minutes to everyone who attended a specific meeting.

By following this procedure, the application creates a new Activity record with Type of Literature Distribution, and associates the same list of participants or contacts with this new activity.

To provide a literature fulfillment by email

  1. Navigate to the Activities screen > Activity List view.
  2. In the Activities list, select the Activity record for which you want to send follow-up literature.
  3. From the application-level menu, choose File > Send Email.

    TIP:   Press F9 instead of choosing the option from the File menu.

  4. In the Pick Recipient dialog box, select one of the following values:
    • Activity Contacts. Sends an email to the external contacts associated with the activity.
    • Activity Employees. Sends an email to the employees who participated in the activity.
    • None. Chooses a specific recipient.

      A new email message appears.

  5. In the From field, select a profile.

    NOTE:  If a default profile has been set up for the user, the From field is automatically populated with the user's information.

  6. Click the Add Literature button, preceding the Check Spelling button.

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