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Scenarios for Managing Activities

These scenarios feature sample tasks performed by end users. Your organization may follow different workflows according to its business requirements.

In these scenarios, end users are the account representatives and agents who manage day-to-day interactions with customers. They enter information to:

  • Make an appointment with a customer
  • Manage their My To Do Lists
  • Assign activities to coworkers
  • Create call lists
  • Provide literature fulfillment by email

Institutional Finance Account Rep Creates a Call List

While reviewing her accounts, an account representative realizes that she should catch up with one of her contacts at a client investor company. The representative decides to send her contact some literature regarding new investment opportunities. To do so, the account representative goes to the My Call List view, creates a new call list, drafts an email to one of the contacts listed in the call list, and attaches the respective literature item.

Retail Finance Agent Creates an Activity for Customer Follow Up

An agent at a retail financial service institution receives a call from a customer inquiring about investment products with respect to his 401(k) plan. The call center agent creates a new activity to follow up with the customer and assigns it to an investment specialist.

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