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Navigating Applications Using the Next Button

Siebel Finance allows end users to create an application with multiple products. When filling out an application with multiple products, end users can move from one view to the next view by clicking the Next button instead of selecting a view tab. Based on the views that have been set up for each specific application (for example, a savings account application or a mortgage loan application), Siebel Finance automatically navigates users to the views they need to fill in.

With the Next button functionality, users do not have to fill out the same view more than one time, even if the same view appears in several product applications. For more information on creating multiple applications from performing needs analyses, see Managing Financial Needs Analyses.

NOTE:  Only Siebel administrators can set up a Next Button Application Workflow. For more information, see Setting Up Application View Navigation.

To complete an application using the Next button

  1. Navigate to the Applications screen > Application List view.
  2. In the Applications list or form, create a new record, and complete the appropriate fields.

    NOTE:  A product must be selected in the Product field in the Application form to use the Next button to navigate to another view.

  3. Click the Next button in the Applications form.

    The next application view appears with the uncompleted fields required for the customer's application.

  4. Continue filling in application views and clicking the Next button in the Applications form.
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