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Adding Consumer Detail Information

From the Consumer Detail view in the Applications screen, end users can create or view one of many financial statements for a customer. In Siebel Finance, the Financial Statement is used to manage consumer detail information. A financial statement is a snapshot of the customer condition at a certain point in time.

For example, a customer applies for a product today; the end user creates a financial statement with all customer detail, such as income sources, assets, and liabilities. If the customer applies for another product in three months, the end user can pull the same financial statement, and Siebel Finance will prefill all customer details. The end user can then ask the customer if that information has changed since the last time. If the information has changed, the end user can make a copy of the old Financial Statement and modify it. Using the copied financial statement, the end user does not need to type the consumer information again.

To add consumer detail information

  1. Navigate to the Applications screen > Applications List view.
  2. Drill down on an application, and click the Consumer Detail view tab.
  3. From the Consumer Detail link list, select the following subviews:
    • Credit Information. Records credit information for all applicants.
    • Income & Expenses. Records income and expense information about the primary and secondary applicants.
    • Assets & Liabilities. Records the current asset holding and liabilities of all applicants.
    • Real Estate. Records applicant real estate holdings.
    • Residence Information. Records residency information for all applicants.
  4. In the Financial Statements list, select an existing statement or add a new one.
  5. In each subview list or form, add records and add additional details as necessary.
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