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Using Requirements Manager

Use the Closing Requirement view, enabled in the Applications and Life & Annuities screens, to view the output of the Requirement Manager business service, for requirement templates defined on the FINS Application, and FINS Life Policy business objects respectively. However, through configuration, the Requirements Manager can be invoked from any screen.

When invoked, the business service automatically prefills the target list or form with records as defined in the Administration - Requirement Template screen.

To invoke Requirements Manager

  1. Navigate to either:
    • Applications screen > Application List view > Closing Requirements view
    • Life & Annuities screen > Life Policy List view > Closing Requirements view
  2. In the Templates list, create a new record.
  3. Select the template name as defined in Creating Requirement Templates.
  4. In the Templates list, click Execute.

    Requirements Manager prefills Activities, Workflow, and Documents lists based on the records specified in the Administration - Requirement Template screen.

  5. Complete the fields in the Activities, Workflow, and Documents lists.

NOTE:  If the workflow is not set to run automatically, you can set the workflow manually by clicking Execute in the Workflow list.

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