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Customer Authentication Manager

Financial service institutions require customer authentication before a financial transaction can take place. Furthermore, authentication becomes important as privacy and security regulations have become common in the retail banking, and also make their way into insurance and healthcare businesses.

Typically, a bank may enforce tiered authentication policies that require a basic validation for transactions up to certain limit, and require more rigorous transaction-based authentication for transactions over the limit. In certain cases, for customers who perform regular high-value transactions, the bank may use token validation, common ones being RSA tokens, or scratch lists.

Customer Authentication Manager is a utility that can be used to implement a secure and auditable customer authentication during a sales or service process. You can use the Customer Authentication Manager to prompt customer service representatives to authenticate a caller before providing any service. It provides the following key features:

  • Ability to define multiple authentication templates using fields from the contact profile
  • Rules-based, context sensitive invocation of authentication template
  • Access from the global toolbar
  • Audit trail of past authentication events; facilitates quick and accurate conflict resolutions
  • Ability to define success and failure workflows to take appropriate actions

Administering Customer Authentication Manager business service involves the following steps:

  1. Creating Customer Authentication Templates 
  2. (Optional)  Defining Customer Authentication Rules 
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