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Caching VBC Overview

The Caching VBC enhances the existing horizontal CSSBCVRec VBC class and works in conjunction with the SIA Billing Extern Service business service. Although the name of this business service implies that it is billing specific, it is a generic service without any industry specific functionality.

Features of the Caching VBC include:

  • Caching of response data, allowing navigation between records in a parent BC without generating duplicate requests in the child VBC
  • Ability to have a VBC be the parent of another VBC child within a single business object
  • Forced refresh of already cached data
  • Ability to generate integration object instances without using the EAI Siebel Adapter business service
  • Integration with workflow process that can take advantage of any existing integration flow that uses Application Service Interfaces (ASIs), Web Services, or connector technology

Possible limitations to consider:

  • Read-only behavior
  • Only available as part of the Siebel Industry Applications (SIA) product
  • Queries are not supported
  • Only an active field of an active business component will have its value prefilled properly by the request integration object
  • The business service only references the top-level from the top-level integration component when creating the request message to populate predefault fields.
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