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Approving or Declining Approval Stages (End User)

End users approve approval items in the My Approval Inbox view. Users can view approval items by login name or position. For more information on setting up approval processing, see Defining Approval Items and Approval Stages.

To approve or decline an approval stage

  1. Navigate to the My Approval Inbox screen.
  2. Select one of the following views:
    • My Approvals. Displays all approval items associated with the user's login name.
    • My Position Approvals. Displays all approval items associated the current user's position.
  3. To view additional details about an approval item, drill down on the Approval Identifier link.
  4. In that Status field, select Approve or Decline.

    Once you select a status, the application populates the Approval By and Approval Date field and sets the record to read-only.

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