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Invoking the Disclosure UI Service Business Service

You can invoke the Disclosure UI Service from a workflow. This section describes some of the possible steps you can include to enable this invocation. You may need to modify and expand on this procedure to accommodate more complex business requirements. The workflow process you create must contain the following steps:

  • Start. Initiates the process instance. When the conditions have been met, the application initiates the process instance.
  • Sub Process. Calls the FINS Disclosure Workflow. When creating this step, you must populate the following inputs:
    • Contact Id. The Row Id of the contact who places the order of the product.
    • Disclosure Name. The name of the Disclosure that relates to the product.
    • Product Id. The Row Id of the product that the customer has ordered.
  • End. A step in a process that specifies when a process instance is finished.

For more information on workflows, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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